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8 Tips to Grow Customer Engagement | Marino Robert Sussich

8 Tips to Grow Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a process which involves interacting with customers to strengthen customer relationships. This is imperative to promote company growth, enhance brand image, improve customer retention and, ultimately, improve sales and profit.  Marino Robert Sussich is an expert business consultant who understands the importance of customer engagement techniques. Learn more about this phenomenon and […]

Entrepreneur, business techniques

8 Ways to Leverage AI for Business Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging with technology that is equal parts brilliant and terrifying, taking the business realm, and the world, by storm. As it is on a seemingly unstoppable trajectory, it is imperative that you become familiar with the technology and the ways that it can be of use to you and your business.  […]

Navigating Change for Success Marino Sussich

Adaptability: Navigating Change for Success | Marino Sussich

The skill of adaptability is one that is becoming increasingly more essential for success in the fast-paced business environment of today. Those who are able to prepare for and embrace change carry a significant advantage, able to continue thriving and growing in the face of uncertainty.  Marino Sussich is a business consultant that understands the […]

business management

Mastering the Art of Delegation

As a business manager, handing tasks over to others is an essential part of management that will allow you to spend more time on more significant areas of business. This also ensures someone with more specialised skills can cover the project, and provides a sense of empowerment to employees.  Marino Sussich is an expert in […]

Marino Sussich - retain employees

10 Top Tips to Retain Talent in the Long-Term | Marino Sussich

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics explains, 1.3 million Australians (9.5% of employed people) changed jobs during the year ending February 2022, while 2.1 million people left or lost a job. One of the biggest challenges for any business is attracting and retaining valuable team members that are good workers and a great fit for […]

Business consulting, Marino Robert Sussich

10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Business Idea

You’re set on starting a business, but are just starting to work out exactly what your service or product will be about. For a successful business endeavour, there are a range of elements that must work together to achieve your set goals including a good business model, a reliable team, a method of promoting your […]

business plateau

8 Ways to Get Your Business Out of a Plateau

Businesses often experience periods of growth followed by plateaus where progress seems to stall. A plateau can be extremely frustrating, as you surely put an immense amount of energy toward your company and a lack of results can be very discouraging.  Marino Sussich is a business expert that understands the struggle of falling into a […]

International business expert

Better Business Processes: 8 Steps to Master Meetings

In today’s fast-paced business environment, meetings are an essential tool for communication and collaboration among team members. It is, however, not uncommon for meetings to be unproductive, unorganised and time-consuming, actually leading to inefficiency that wastes valuable time in the work day.  Marino Sussich is an international business expert who understands the importance of masterful […]

business executive | Marino Sussich

7 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face & How to Overcome Them

The process of starting and running a business can be riddled with challenges, with entrepreneurs facing a variety of obstacles on the road to success. It is important to be aware of the potential challenges and risks of running a business from the ground up so that you can feel prepared when you approach them.  […]

Business consultancy

Better Business Processes: How to Analyse Your Workflow

Analysing the workflow of your business is an important step in improving your business processes. By taking the time to understand how effective your existing processes are, you can identify areas of inefficiency and ensure you aren’t losing time, money, resources or customer satisfaction.  Marino Sussich is an expert in the field of business consultancy, […]