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10 Networking Tips to Get Ahead in Business

business consulting | Marino Sussich

In the business realm, networking is an important tool to learn from other professionals in the industry, share your own insights, receive valuable mentorship and open yourself up to new opportunities. While business networking increases your chances of success, for many it can be an extremely daunting experience. 

Marino Sussich is an expert in the field of business that has undertaken several significant business ventures and has now gained more than 20 years of experience. This celebrated business consultant also understands the importance of networking. 

See below for 10 great tips to get networking and build solid connections that are beneficial to your endeavours and support success. 

  1. Lean on those you know 

To begin networking, it’s useful to speak with friends and family members to see if they are aware of any people that can assist you in your business journey, or any opportunities they have heard of. Your existing community can be very fruitful when it comes to helping you grow in the industry. 

  1. Be open to meeting new people

While the concept of introducing yourself to new people as a professional can be extremely frightening, you should be open to meeting new people. Putting yourself out there and reaching out to new people is a muscle that can be strengthened and become easier with practice.

  1. Have a genuine interest in others 

Being actively interested in others and listening well will assist in establishing common goals or interests that will help to foster a strong, natural professional relationship. If proper attention is not given to those you speak with, connections will not grow or last with time. 

  1. Be punctual and respectful

When meeting with a new connection or mentor, it is important to always be ready at the time that is set to call or meet, and be appreciative of the time that they have given you. 

  1. Be proactive

Before meeting someone, conduct some research and familiarise yourself with work they have completed that interests you. Approach people and begin conversations based on what you know about them and their organisation, or any common interests you are already aware of. Afterwards, it is important to reach out within 24-48 hours to solidify the interaction. 

Your network is something that requires constant time and attention to ensure it remains relevant. Indeed suggests that you try to attend multiple events per year and continue reaching out to existing connections. 

  1. Use LinkedIn

Social media such as LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with contacts or create new ones. Reconnecting with friends professionally or beginning conversations with contacts online will help them to remember you and encourage them to reach out to you more in future as well.  

  1. Prepare questions 

Thinking about what useful information a connection may be able to offer you in advance is a great tool to ensure you get the most out of each interaction. YLAI explains these questions should be personally relevant to you to ensure any chance meetings can become great opportunities. 

  1. Be a resource in return

For it to be a mutually beneficial relationship, it is important to also offer assistance to others and try to bring something useful to the connection. Ensure you are thinking about their needs and not only what it is that they can offer you. 

  1. Take notes to remember conversations 

It is a good idea to write down any notes on common interests or notable points from the conversations that you have with new professional contacts. This will assist you in maintaining the relationship long-term, and show that you care about the encounters when elements are referenced later on. 

  1. Reach out when you don’t need something 

Reaching out to your contacts when you don’t necessarily need anything from them assists to establish a proper relationship that is not merely one born of need. For example, when you think of something that reminds you of them it may be good to send an email or message and let them know. 

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