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Business Efficiency & Time Management with Marino Sussich

Time Management | Marino Sussich

Efficiency is a fundamental driver of business success, closely linked with the overall quality of performance and longevity of an organisation. To improve the satisfaction of customers, employees, and business managers, productivity and time management skills are essential – but it is not always easy to achieve. 

Marino Sussich is an experienced international business consultant who understands the importance of efficiency in business and how to cultivate it. Learn more about how to boost productivity in your business. 

The importance of efficiency in the workplace

Business efficiency plays a pivotal role in growth, success, and achievement of goals, ensuring that resources are maximised, enhancing morale and satisfaction, and ensuring customer expectations are met. This also allows your organisation to adapt to market demands, improve the quality of your products or services, encourage innovation, and ensure long-term sustainability. 

Being able to adopt speed in business processes and in employee or management tasks is essential to meet not just baseline needs but also embrace time for growth and change. 

11 tips to boost workplace productivity  

1. Set clear goals

Defining clear, achievable goals is important to work towards efficient time management. This can be wider business goals, or to maximise work of individual employees by setting personal goals. 

2. Efficient processes

Maximising efficiency in business processes is important to eliminate unnecessary steps, save resources, and enhance accuracy and speed. Identify any bottlenecks and alter the process for optimisation. 

3. Embrace technology

There are a plethora of tools available in this digital age that work to streamline business processes. Project management tools and automation tools can save valuable time. 

4. Lower phone use

While there are some advantages to phone use in the workplace, they can also be distracting, disrupt workflow, and come off as rude to customers. If possible, encouraging time away from mobile devices in the workplace and promoting phone use during breaks can be a good way to increase productivity. Removing distractions is crucial to promote focus and productivity, but allowing breaks is also conducive to productive work during focus time. 

5. Drive delegation

Delegation is an effective way to save time by ensuring the most capable person is handling the task at hand, and trusts employees abilities, empowering them and further encouraging their efforts. 

6. Reduce meetings

Smart meetings are essential to save time and increase efficiency, as they often pull employees out of their workflow and can waste time if they go for longer than necessary. Unproductive, unorganised meetings lead to inefficiency, as do meetings that could have been summarised in an email. 

7. Check-in with employees

Regularly checking in can ensure that you are aware of any queries or concerns regarding workload or processes, and allow you to see whether employees are on track with their goals. This also achieves a sense of care, which is motivating in itself. 

8. Reward employees

Rewarding employees for hard work will encourage them to keep up the momentum and ensure they do not get burnt out. A shout out amongst colleagues, a monetary reward, or an extra day off may all be motivating prizes. 

9. Time-tracking software

Tracking your own work or implementing time-tracking software for your employees can be a great way to either prove to yourself that you are more productive than initially thought, or become aware of how much time is being wasted. 

10. Implement productivity metrics

Metrics are recommended as a tool to motivate employees to reach a certain goal or track their achievements. Targets for a sales team, keeping count of the number of new clients signed, or volume of words written depending on the role can be motivating.

11. Prioritise wellness

A healthy mind is a strong worker, whereas burnout or poor mental health will impact efficiency and reduce creativity. Granting employees additional time off if required, and displaying care for their wellbeing in general is not only good for your team members, but good for the company. 

Achieve business success with Marino Sussich

Marino Robert Sussich is an innovative business consultant that goes above and beyond to drive business success. Contact Marino today for tailored business advice.