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Marino Sussich’s Recent Business Ventures: Apple ISports Inc (USA) Fantasy Sports Website

Apple ISports Inc (USA) Fantasy Sports

Marino Sussich is an experienced international business consultant, well-recognised for his knowledge and expertise in the industry. One of the factors that contributes to his excellent consultant work is his proficiency as a business owner and project director, having led many business ventures of his own. 

The Venture

Sussich is an entrepreneur at heart, having founded multiple business organisations worth millions of dollars. His most recent venture is rooted in the online sports betting industry, an industry that is currently growing in revenue and predicted to continue growing exponentially. 

This particular project, which launched with Marino Sussich as the Director in November 2021, is a full scale Fantasy Sports website for Apple ISports In (USA). Global players are able to log on and compete through the website and earn cash prizes for World Series championship competitions, as well as Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Apple Mac laptops. 

The Fantasy Sports Industry

The Fantasy Sports online sports field can be played 24/7 in most countries, where the highest number of users are found in South Korea, Japan, the USA and Australia. It is one of the fastest-growing interactive online activities in the world. 

Marino Sussich has a strong understanding of the industry and is aware of it as a field that is on the rise in both popularity and revenue. Entering and establishing business in this field is a powerful strategic action that displays intellect and knowledge of current trends. Sussich understands that, with the right direction, a business in this field is highly likely to become successful. He has noticed the opportunity and taken it, as is imperative in the world of business.