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8 Essentials of Creating a Strong Team with Marino Sussich

8 Essentials of Creating a Strong Team with Marino Sussich

For small businesses that are still establishing themselves, a strong team is essential for overall success. A reliable, skilled, and engaged team can allow your company to reach new heights with ease. 

Marino Sussich is an experienced business consultant who understands the importance of a good team and how to cultivate this. Find out how you can create the ideal team for business success. 

Why a strong team is important for small businesses 

A strong team can be the difference between the success or failure of a small business. Team members need to be skilled individually, while also being able to work well together, operate in line with company goals, and help to foster a positive work environment. 

A reliable, talented team is ultimately important for productivity, problem-solving, engagement, collaboration, efficiency, and adaptability, all elements that will assist in working towards business goals. 

8 essentials of creating a strong team 

1. Hire the right people

While it takes more time and effort to reach out to hiring platforms, conduct thorough interviews and check references, putting this energy into sourcing the right people is a crucial first step when it comes to curating a strong team. 

2. Set clear expectations

It is difficult for an employee to perform what is expected of them when these expectations are unclear. It is up to business managers to ensure clear communication around what their role requires of them so that team members can fulfill what is required of them. 

3. Training

Continuous training and upskilling is encouraged, as it is very valuable for your team to continue growing with your business and helping your business to grow. A culture of continuous learning and growth will assist in maintaining engagement, so it is a good idea to provide opportunities for skill development. 

4. Positive work culture

A positive work culture is important to ensure employees are engaged and enjoy working with the business. This helps to develop clear communication, trust, and respect. Accountability is encouraged for a positive culture, as well as good conflict resolution.

Communication of company values is also essential when it comes to establishing a positive work environment. Team members should be encouraged to act alongside company values, and rewarded for displaying these values. 

5. Offer feedback

Regular feedback on employee performance is useful for team members to know exactly what they are doing well or what they could be doing better. Managers should highlight good performance and approach areas for improvement kindly, with a positive-constructive-positive sandwich and without making personal attacks. 

6. Encourage collaboration

Collaboration will help your team to understand each other better and work together more effectively. It is important to strengthen team bonds and foster a sense of camaraderie. Team building activities that involve questions to get to know each other, sharing things they appreciate about each other or physically working to achieve something together are recommended. 

7. Recognise hard work

When an employee has gone above and beyond on a particular task, it is important that this effort is recognised to encourage similar behaviour. Rewarding hard-working team members will also lower risk of burnout which can occur when employees are working hard with little sense of accomplishment.  

8. Empowerment

An empowered team member is one that slowly begins to take on more responsibility, allowing for delegation and the ability to take weight from others. Empowerment can be cultivated as employees are encouraged to make decisions and take ownership of their work without constantly needing approval or others to review their progress. 

Building a strong business with Marino Sussich

Marino Robert Sussich is a highly creative entrepreneur and skilled business consultant that has a strong understanding of what it takes for a business to achieve success. Contact Marino Sussich today to begin achieving your business goals.