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8 Tips to Grow Customer Engagement

8 Tips to Grow Customer Engagement | Marino Robert Sussich

Customer engagement is a process which involves interacting with customers to strengthen customer relationships. This is imperative to promote company growth, enhance brand image, improve customer retention and, ultimately, improve sales and profit. 

Marino Robert Sussich is an expert business consultant who understands the importance of customer engagement techniques. Learn more about this phenomenon and how to better implement this within your organisation. 

Importance of customer engagement 

Engagement with customers is essential for business development, driving brand loyalty and encouraging repeat business that saves investing time and money into customer acquisition. While it requires ongoing effort to build lasting relationships, this is important to improve customer experience and cultivate loyalty that will ultimately reap great benefits. 

Older customers who have a relationship with your business will be more inclined to follow along for new, larger projects than first-time customers who are just testing out your products or services. 

8 tips to grow customer engagement

1. Use CRM software

A CRM software is a great way to keep track of order history and develop a customer database to utilise for email marketing. Personalised marketing emails are the ideal way to remain in contact with customers and keep them in the loop about business news, and connect with targeted information and messages. 

Wordstream explains that birthday emails, in particular, are able to generate 342% more revenue per email than other promotions. 

2. Use social media

For most businesses, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are crucial for attracting customers and remaining in touch with repeat customers. This is especially true as it is now more and more common for people to shop and make purchases through social media. 

To make the most of customer engagement on social platforms, it is a good idea to encourage those who are following to tag their friends in posts, conduct giveaways or repost customer content if a loyal customer tags your business (with permission). 

3. Understand the customer

Take time to understand your customer by familiarising yourself with analytics and demographics. It’s important to determine a consumer profile to better identify the type of messaging that they would respond to, and build your brand personality from this. 

4. Analyse satisfaction

It’s important to get an idea of customer satisfaction and make changes accordingly to ensure buyers of your products or users of your services leave good reviews, recommendations and continue returning. When conducting a survey, ask whether they are satisfied with the product or service, whether they are likely to recommend it and how much effort was needed to receive the service or product. 

5. React to customer feedback

When feedback is received you should ensure that the customer feels heard and that their criticism is respected. On top of this, it should be shown to them that an effort is being made to change business processes to ensure a better customer experience. 

6. Implement a loyalty program

A loyalty program is one of the easiest ways to ensure customers return, and also generally encourages greater spend per purchase. These programs provide an opportunity to learn the preferences of customers, with a database of registered customers with which to implement targeted communication strategies, offer rewards, discounts and more. 

7. Build your brand (voice, personality etc.)

Your voice as a business is one of the most important elements to focus on when communicating with customers and strengthening relationships. To stand out amongst the competition, a unique voice that connects with audiences is crucial. 

8. Content marketing 

Content marketing is an excellent strategy to connect with your target audience. Provide relevant information that will be useful to them and teach them why and how your products and services matter to them. Engage customers with interesting content to build a reputation as a reliable industry leader that has their interests at the forefront. 

Business success with Marino Robert Sussich 

Marino Sussich can assist with creating a customer engagement strategy and help you to achieve business success. Contact Marino today to witness innovation in action and grow your business.