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8 Ways to Leverage AI for Business Growth

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging with technology that is equal parts brilliant and terrifying, taking the business realm, and the world, by storm. As it is on a seemingly unstoppable trajectory, it is imperative that you become familiar with the technology and the ways that it can be of use to you and your business. 

Marino Sussich is an entrepreneur and business consultant acknowledges the importance of adapting with the changing technology trends and using these to your advantage. Learn how to utilise AI for the growth of your business. 

Embracing AI

While AI can be a scary concept, embracing its benefits can lead to improved efficiency and ensure you stay ahead of your competition, who will also surely be adopting this technology. 

Before integrating AI it’s important to identify your business objectives and note where processes are inefficient and require streamlining. You should research the various AI technologies available, and evaluate which options are most compatible with your business goals. 

8 ways to utilise AI for business growth

1. AI-powered chatbots

Chatbots are a seamless way to deliver customer service that works to reduce wait times that replies from real people would create, as well as avoid additional staffing costs. They are becoming increasingly more effective, able to offer fast customer interactions and solve their concerns as soon as possible. Using casual language, chatbots offer personalised service and satisfaction that should be considered. 

2. Automate routine tasks

Another way AI can assist with increasing efficiency is with intelligent business automation, which involves automating routine processes to eliminate time spent on these tasks and allow you to focus precious attention on other areas of business operation. This software uses processes, algorithms, and machine learning in order to complete repetitive, manual tasks.

3. Marketing campaigns

Targeted marketing campaigns are an important tool that businesses use to reach new and existing customers to develop and maintain customer relationships, grow brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. 

When it comes to marketing, AI software is able to curate campaigns that are tailored to your market and purpose. These programs are able to collect and analyse customer behaviour and other data in order to create personalised content and messaging. This can include email marketing, advertising on social media and more. 

4. Content creation

Content marketing is another great way to connect with your audience and establish your business as an industry leader. AI tools are able to enhance content creation with analyses of the types of content that perform well, as well as offering appropriate topics and eye-catching headlines that will capture the attention of your audience. 

It is important to ensure that any automatically generated content is still of a good quality and representative of your brand personality. 

5. Research & insights

Data analysis and research is important in order to determine new industry patterns and trends and gain insights into the market that will perpetuate growth and innovation. AI is able to quickly scan large and complex databases in order to identify these essential insights that can influence company direction and success. 

6. Automated pricing

Reasonable yet competitive pricing of products and services that maintains profitability can be difficult to determine. Some AI software is able to assist with pricing algorithms that can maximise profit and ensure you remain ahead of the competition as well as market demands. 

7. Defend against cyber attacks

Cyber security is extremely important, with the potential for attacks to lead to great financial loss and reputational damage. AI programs are now being utilised to identify cyber danger fortify your business and defend against cyber threats to protect sensitive business and customer information.

8. Risk management 

Risk management techniques are essential to ensure business assets remain safe and defend against danger. To stay ahead of potential threats, AI is able to assist in asset protection and risk management to identify threats and fraudulent activity. 

Business growth with Marino Sussich

With more than 20 years of experience in the business realm, Marino Sussich has developed the expertise and business techniques to navigate a range of complex problems with innovative solutions that drive industry success. 

Contact Marino Robert Sussich today for invaluable information on how to enhance your business and achieve your goals.