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Marino Sussich and the Power of Teamwork in Business

Power of Teamwork in Business

In his years of experience in the field of business, Marino Sussich has developed a range of theories of business management which lean strongly on the power of teamwork. The main focus of these is unlocking employee potential through leadership and maximising productivity and skill through respect and inspiration. 

Marino Sussich is an expert in facilitating leadership that creates a business model in which employees are encouraged to operate at their best, working to their strengths in a team to progress the organisation. 

The importance of teamwork within a business 

Within a business, there are many benefits to fostering a team that works together. Establishing a common goal or objectives increases efficiency and means there are more heads together to solve any problems encountered on the route to achieving these goals. Team discussions also lead to a range of creative ideas, especially in an environment where all members are comfortable and confident with participating. 

In a workplace, teamwork also encourages people from different backgrounds or experience levels to learn from each other and help each other to grow their skills. On top of this, collaboration leads to a shared workload that is distributed according to the various team members’ strengths. Cooperation within a team is, essentially, the key to a functional and ever-developing business. 

How to foster teamwork

When fostering teamwork within a business, some key elements include configuring offices in a way that encourages collaboration, rewarding employees who show teamwork, and compressing the team hierarchy. Especially during the past couple of years where more have needed to work from home, uniting teams that are not physically together through technology is a significant act. 

To gain more assistance surrounding the growth and maintenance of your business, contact Marino Sussich today.