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Marino Sussich and Innovation

importance of innovation

Marino Sussich is a business consultant who is well-recognised for his ability to go above and beyond to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. He strays away from old-fashioned approaches and remains flexible with changing trends and consumer behaviour to unlock the full potential of a business and drive success

The importance of innovation

Innovation is an extremely important quality for any company to possess, defined as the action or process of creating new methods, ideas or products. Lacking innovation has led to the downfall of many businesses, as they have been unable to adapt to shifts in consumer behaviour or advances in technology. 

For a business to be successful it must keep up with evolving trends and find new ways to sustain growth and consumer interest, improve the brand and increase efficiency. Maintaining innovation within its products, business model, process, and social or environmental impacts is crucial in its evolution. 

How to build innovation

The first step to building innovation within your business is placing less of a focus on efficiency to allow room for trial and error. New approaches often mean taking risks and trying things that may not necessarily work out in order to figure out what works. Allowing time for failure will ultimately assist the business to grow in the long term. 

You should embrace the uncertain, and cultivate an environment that allows for experimentation. Sometimes, thinking smaller may even be the best way to begin building innovation, as most innovations are incremental changes that are found at the core of the business. 

For information or assistance with creative changes that could aid in the development of your business, contact Marino Sussich today.