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Strategic Steps To Elevate Your Career

Do you need help in your career? Maybe you’ve been at the same company for a while, and you’re unsure of how to move up the ladder. Career growth today is influenced by changing workplace dynamics, technological advancements, industry trends and global events like the COVID pandemic. 

As you navigate through these variables, there are some key strategic steps you can take. Learn how continuous learning, personal branding, proactive career management and networking can help you achieve your career goals!

Understand Yourself

When did you last identify your strengths and areas to improve upon? If you’re like most people, you’ve not spent some time identifying and understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and skills. An excellent place to start is recent performance reviews from your team leader and managers. Using a tool like SWOT analysis can also be helpful to identify where your skills and talents are strong and where you need to improve.

Once you are clear about your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to set some career goals. Ask yourself the following questions:

Where do you want to be in 12 months? Include salary ranges and job titles.

What career goals can you set that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART)?

Learning And Development

Are you updated with best practices, technologies, and industry trends? It can be challenging to find the time and the best options for your career development. Start by looking at industry-based courses and research workshops and consider what extra qualifications you could achieve. Identify options that can include industry training and online courses to mentoring by a strategic management consultant.

In addition to technical skills, critical transferable skills like leadership, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability are considered. Upskilling in these areas will help you professionally and personally. 

Personal Branding And Online Presence

Developing a solid personal brand is a relatively new concept for employees. While you may want to avoid creating your website and unique selling proposition, improving your branding on LinkedIn can be very useful. 

When building your brand online, it’s essential to consider any guidelines and behaviours your company has in place. Start by optimising your profile and adding in skills and talents. If you’ve received good feedback in your role or any recommendations, upload these (with permission) to your profile.

Another way to build a personal brand while working in your current role includes sharing insightful articles, speaking at conferences and contributing to industry publications. These small steps will start to build your professional profile.

Build A Solid Professional Network

When was the last time you attending a face-to-face networking event? Making an effort to network professionally is an easy way to start getting your name and face out into the wider world. It’s good to attend your industry events, but remember to participate in others, like local business groups. 

And with many of these groups looking for guest speakers and presenters, this could be a great way to start building your profile outside your day-to-day role!

Manage Your Career

Seeing regular feedback from your supervisors, colleagues, and peers can be a great way to discover opportunities for improvement and growth. Another way is to have a professional mentor who can provide valuable support, guidance, and advice on navigating your career journey more effectively.

Marino Sussich: Strategic Management Consultant

Need some help elevating your career? Marino Sussich is an innovative and experienced business consultant with a wide range of skills in strategic management and career development. His up-to-date knowledge and thought leadership ensure his clients get the best management coaching. You can book an initial conversation with Marino Robert Sussich here.