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business management

Mastering the Art of Delegation

As a business manager, handing tasks over to others is an essential part of management that will allow you to spend more time on more significant areas of business. This also ensures someone with more specialised skills can cover the project, and provides a sense of empowerment to employees.  Marino Sussich is an expert in […]

business ideas and problem solving

How Problem Solving Creates Great Business

Marino Robert Sussich is an innovative business consultant who has made a name for himself in the business realm by coming up with solutions to complex problems. Whether it is a service or product, Marino Sussich knows the value of creative solutions and their success among consumers.  The best businesses implement creative solutions from inception […]

3 Top Pieces of Advice from Business Advisors

Marino Sussich is a consultant with a range of experience and knowledge in the field of business management. Business consultants or advisors are knowledgeable people who are essential in offering guidance and mentorship to a business owner.  Even just as someone that can offer another perspective on the way your business is run and what […]

SWOT analysis

The Essentials of Business Strategy: SWOT analysis

In business strategy consulting a variety of elements have been established as essential components, including the establishing of long-term goals, financial, operational or market objectives and more. One notion that is imperative to business strategy is the SWOT analysis technique.  This technique, when used in effective management, is an excellent framework for business that Marino […]


Marino Sussich: Executive Director of Streamark

Streamark is a mobile streaming solution that has been enabling TV viewing from your living room directly to any mobile device since 2005. The advanced technology also allows you to share videos, locate friends and exchange Multi Mobile Messages anytime, anywhere.  Since it was established 17 years ago, Marino Sussich has been acting as the […]

How Excellent Business Management Is Imperative?

Starting and governing a business is very different to establishing an institution. No matter how great your finances are, at the end of the day the critical element is the business management. This speaks of how the business is being taken care of, and the daily affairs of the company in question. Whatever the nature […]