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Marino Sussich: Executive Director of Streamark


Streamark is a mobile streaming solution that has been enabling TV viewing from your living room directly to any mobile device since 2005. The advanced technology also allows you to share videos, locate friends and exchange Multi Mobile Messages anytime, anywhere. 

Since it was established 17 years ago, Marino Sussich has been acting as the Executive Director, displaying excellent business management skills to grow the business products and services and establish unique features that allow Streamark to stand out. 

Streamark products and services

The STK Mobile TV connects any smartphone or tablet as an added screen within the home, so any family member can watch what they want to watch at the same time. In addition to this, your TV can be taken anywhere, with your favorite shows in the palm of your hand. STK Worldwide CDN is an international Content Delivery Network designed to distribute content worldwide with high availability and high performance. 

Streamark also offers the STK IPTV/OTT platform as a service, and STK Digital Signage which is a lite digital signage solution that broadcasts commercials, helping businesses achieve success

Marino Robert Sussich’s influence on Streamark

With Marino’s direction, Streamark has worked to bypass third-party integration to create endpoint products and in-house service solutions for direct implementation. He has influenced and assisted in the development of advanced technology that adds value to the lives of users. 

Business Consultant in Melbourne

If you’re located in Melbourne, contact Marino Sussich to receive professional advice and service that will assist your business to perform at its best and achieve success.