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13 Strategies for Business Growth with Marino Sussich

business growth

When navigating the ever-changing business landscape, finding new ways to grow and expand is important to cultivate sustained success. Whether you have just started your business or you’re running an established company, seeking to grow is crucial to achieve business goals and reach new heights. 

Marino Sussich is an experienced international business consultant and entrepreneur, with knowledge of the top strategies for business growth. Here are 13 strategies to expand your business. 

1. Market Expansion

This is a classic growth strategy that can involve targeting new geographical locations, reach customer segments that you haven’t previously, or may include offering alternative products and services. Research is recommended to determine expansion opportunities that operate in line with your competencies and customer demands. 

2. Innovation 

Innovation is essential for driving business growth as a tool to differentiate your products and services, enhance customer engagement in creative ways, remain adaptable and problem-solve. Harnessing innovation to identify creative ways to fill gaps in the market and target customers is an invaluable tool. 

3. Strategic partnerships

Partnering and collaborating with other businesses or organisations to make strategic alliances can be a great accelerator of growth that provides access to new resources, customer bases and more. This can also assist with risk mitigation and divide costs of market entry. 

4. Customer-centric approach

Placing your customer base at the centre of your growth strategy is an excellent way to expand, taking the time to understand their demands, preferences or concerns with the existing market. Gather feedback and focus on providing exceptional customer service, as a happy customer will lead to more organic growth. 

5. Digital operations

Embracing the digital age that is sweeping through is essential to keep up with the trends and improve efficiency. Ensuring your business has an online presence, as well as e-commerce capabilities, is important to enhance reach and engage with a wider audience. 

6. Mergers and acquisitions

For accelerated growth, mergers and acquisitions can be an invaluable tool for established businesses. These are able to offer diversified revenue streams, as well as economies of scale, and can assist in expanding your market share. 

7. Franchising 

If your established business has a proven and replicable model, franchising or licensing it to others may be a viable expansion method that allows you to avoid the full operational burden of the growth. Your business might be suitable for this option if it has a well-established operating model, strong brand and reputation, and if there is demand for expansion. 

8. Cost efficiency 

Identifying areas in which cost efficiency could be increased without compromising quality is essential when scaling up. It is important to identify ways to streamline processes, automate any tasks that are repetitive. 

9. Employee engagement 

Turning business efforts towards employee development and engagement is a great way to maximise your most valuable assets. It is recommended that you invest in training and development to encourage growth in skills and capacity, and encourage a strong, engaged culture. 

10. Risk management 

Expansion can lead to increased risks, so effective risk management is crucial in order to avoid any blockades or setbacks. Ensure diverse revenue streams, employ contingency plans and regularly assess your exposures. 

11. Sustainability 

Socially responsible practices are becoming more essential to business growth as consumers are leaning more and more towards companies that are environmentally and socially conscious. It can be beneficial to begin demonstrating commitment to corporate social responsibility in order to enhance brand reputation. 

12. Use data to your advantage

Data-driven decision making allows you to harness information to make informed choices about business direction. You should collect and analyse data relevant to customer behaviour, market trends, and operational efficiency to impact strategy and determine where energy should be directed for growth. 

13. Adaptability

A successful strategy should be flexible and founded on long-term vision that takes into account changing markets and evolving technology. Remaining flexible is a key tool for success. 

Grow your business with Marino Sussich

Marino Robert Sussich has spent many years gathering knowledge of the intricacies of different industries, acclaimed as a highly creative entrepreneur who is miraculous when it comes to extending businesses. For guidance on how best to grow and achieve business goals, contact Marino today.